Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do our clients (patients and case managers) like working with us?
    The love our people...  our care providers, care managers and staffers.  Our proactive nature and integrity are unmatched as well as the technology we use in our daily operations.
  2. What is our service area?
    The state of Georgia.
  3. Do we provide other home care services?
    No. Our sole focus is personal care attendants/aides and skilled nursing.  This focus is the reason we excel!
  4. How long have you been servicing clients in Georgia?
    Since 1984.  Our reputation of high quality service to our clients continues to serve us well...a record we build upon each and every day.
  5. Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes. All of our offices are licensed by the Georgia Department of Human Resources as a private home care provider.  We maintain appropriate professional liability, worker’s compensation, and bonding insurance.