HomeNurse, Inc. Engages Therap

HomeNurse, Inc. engages Therap in order to strengthen our documentation and information management systems.

Therap will be complimentary to our current, in-house, proprietary system, HomeNurse Management Information System (HNMIS), and will give us more support in some of the programs we serve.   “It is an ongoing priority to use technology to improve the overall conduct of our operations.  Adding this proven and experienced partner will further enhance our electronic progression and functionally”, commented Miranda Roberson, CEO.

About Therap

Since 2003, we have made it our mission to enhance the lives of individuals supported by service organizations by providing agencies the tools they need to focus on meaningful outcomes for the people they serve. Therap’s electronic record and associated functionality is built on our decades of experience as state employees, service providers, managers, and administrators who understand both the challenges and rewards of quality service provision. As a result, we possess a dedication to creating efficiencies, streamlining processes, securely connecting people and exchanging information, and integrating all aspects of service delivery – all while maintaining a focus on individuals, families, and the professionals who support them.

In addition to our experience in service provision, Therap also understands the necessity of a dynamic platform that has both the adaptability and dependability to meet the ever evolving needs of providers and government entities. Therap’s robust development and operations teams possess decades of experience in IT security and development, and that expertise is reflected in a system that is both comprehensive and flexible while also supported by a world class security infrastructure that exemplifies our perpetual commitment to data integrity and security.

This dedication has led us to becoming the national leader in the industry, supporting providers in all 50 states and internationally, while also meeting the diverse needs of 20 different state contracts across the country. Our partnerships with providers, communities of practice, and a comprehensive array of local/national leadership continue to inform our ongoing development and commitment to being the best at what we do. For more info visit Therap services.net

HomeNurse, Inc. Engages Therap

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